E-VEND Staff Mobile App

By switching the vending operation processes of the field staff to digital, you can increase the efficiency of the operation and minimize the operating costs. With E-VEND, which is the counterpart of IoT technologies that entered our lives with Industry 4.0, you can digitally control the possibility of automat management, filling, maintenance, breakdown, and immediate intervention. You can follow all the data and statistics such as the work, instantaneous movements of the personnel, the vending machines, time spent at the vending machine via E-VEND Telemetry.


Innovative Payment System

Turn Your Staff Cards into Payment Cards. Use in Vending Machine.


Vending Machine Filling Operation

You can follow the decreasing / ending products in the vending machine without applying. Accordingly, the operation efficiency can be increased by taking the automata to be operated in the products needed and as many as needed. If the staff is authorized to open the money container, they can inform the system about it. If there is a visible problem about the vending machine, it can create a record on the system by giving feedback about it.


Application Contents

From the application, the staff can see the tasks created by the system for you to interfere with daily filling, maintenance or defective vending machines, can follow the vending machines that it is responsible for, can follow the products in the vending machine or the staff's own stock, can request products from the warehouse if needed, can follow the tasks that need to be done daily through the calendar, history You can view the processor, you can talk to the relevant staff on the telemetry side through the system.


Vending Machines' Location on the Map

Vending machine occupancy rate, address information, shelf order, stock information, vending machine ID can be accessed and tracked automatically. Operation efficiency increases with the filling plan created by the system. Vending machines working, defective or waiting for products can be followed on the map.


Full integration

Thanks to Evend technology, you can access all your machines instantly. You can search or list in Location, Region, Product, properties. You can see the location of the machines on the map and you can get information about the details and reports by connecting directly to the automatic. .


Vending Machines Responsible

With the Evend mobile application, the vending machines can follow the vending machines inside the application. They can check the stock status remotely about them, see the faults if any, and track the decreasing products. In this way, it can increase operational efficiency.

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