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E-Vend Otamat Yönetim Sistemleri A.Ş

E-vend Otomat Yönetim Sistemleri A.Ş. Today, the Internet of objects in the world with our country is quite popular nowadays to serve the purpose of automating the vending machines. We offer innovative and permanent solutions with a focus on automaton management and payment technologies. R & D team and software technologies and domestic production of high-tech products. All the products have patents of E-vend brand and technologies. Telemetry, Pay-vendor, F-vendor staff, products such as e-App vendor offers to Turkey and world markets.



About Us

Established in 2015, E-vend Otomat Yönetim Sistemleri A.Ş. Since its establishment, it has focused on innovative and world-class technology products.

E-vend has a young and dynamic structure and it has taken its first goals of making domestic production at world standards. R & D times in a very short time completed the products have been implemented in a short time.

In order to support the success of R & D projects of Vending Technoologies and to provide continuity, our service is carried out successfully by our competent colleagues.

E-vend has made significant partnerships in a short time. started to use technology in important points. In 2020, it aims to become the market leader in Turkey.

Our Vision Domestic Technology

We know that domestic and national production is firstly carried out effectively in R & D activities. Düzey We see a direct relationship between development level and R & D investments. As a matter of fact, more than 80% of the R & D investments in the world are made in America, Europe and Japan. R & D processes bring production and innovation.

We know that the biggest contribution to our country is to produce domestic technology and market it to the world. From the first day on, our priority goal is to market our products to our own country and world markets.

In particular, we are aiming to manage the Internet of objects with a very new technology in the world with all seriousness and to catch the world standards in this field. E-vend Vending Technologies As of 2019, we see that competitors in the world are more innovative and ahead.



Young & Dynamic Team, Experienced Partners

The E-vend, consisting of a large number of founders and engineers who are experts in the field, has achieved great success in a short time. As the R & D activities continued, it attracted the attention of the big players of the market and received pre-orders over the ongoing projects.

As of 2018, E-vend delivered the first orders and successfully passed the first exam. Today more than 500 products are actively used. E-vend is located on vending machines in hospitals, universities, airports and many corporate areas. It continues its development with its partners and customers.

Why US


97% Native Technology

E-vend, which has its own patents in electronic and software technologies, reflects the advantage of having a place in production and development.

dunya standartlari

World Standards

It has brought its high technology products to its own world with its own standards. Vending management and payment systems in the world to have a say is one of the biggest goals.


Sectoral Partners

Having a young and dynamic team, E-vend has managed to partner with the first players and the most experienced companies in the sector.


Solution Focused Support

The E-vend is always available as a support for the biggest avanstage of being indigenous. Resolving the problems is seen as only a part of business development.



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